Natalie Dunlap

Senior Client Relationship Manager

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Natalie Dunlap serves as the Senior Client Relationship Manager at Audent Global Asset Management, LLC.

In her role, Natalie manages client relationships and performs operational tasks to enhance Audent’s business processes. Natalie began her career working for Bank of America’s Private Bank (formerly U.S. Trust), where she held positions on the Portfolio Management Team and the Relationship Management Team. In these positions, she provided assistance in client reporting and managed credit and banking processes for clients. Her experience includes organizing complex credit transactions (including Fine Art Loans), preparing for liquidity events, and managing personal and operational banking relationships. Prior to joining Audent, Natalie worked at a Chicago based RIA operating for over 90 years where she assisted clients with financial and tax planning services. Her exposure to multiple lines of business allows her to connect clients with resources and capabilities they require.

Natalie Graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Finance and is currently finishing her Masters in Accounting Degree at DePaul University.

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